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New Facial Area Approved by FDA for Botox Use

Posted January 12, 2018

Injectables are now more popular than ever, and showing no signs of slowing down. Non-invasive treatments, especially injectables, are a hot request among cosmetic patients. Botox – a.k.a. botulinum toxin injections – has remained one of the top sought-after injectable treatments available on the cosmetic market. 7 million injections were given in 2016, according to […]

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Top Tips to Ensure a Joyful and Healthy Thanksgiving

Posted November 22, 2017

This time of year should be filled with family, friends, and joy as you celebrate coming together and appreciating the things that you are thankful for. In many cases, however, this is a time filled with stress as planning celebrations and and eating a lot of food can leave you feeling unhappy and unhealthy. It’s […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Wrinkles

Posted September 19, 2017

At some point in everyone’s life, wrinkles will begin to make a surprise appearance. While some people may go longer without displaying any signs of prominent wrinkles, they are bound to appear sooner or later. Knowing more about what causes them and how you can prevent them will allow you to maintain a youthful look. […]

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Top Tips for More Desirable Legs

Posted August 18, 2017

Summer isn’t over yet, and taking care of your appearance is more important than ever. Having toned, sexy legs will look great whether you’re spending the day at the beach in a sundress or a summer night out on the town in your favorite jeans. If you want to show off your legs with confidence […]

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Three Ways to Build a Brazilian Butt and a Shapelier Body

Posted February 20, 2017

Do you want to look better, but not at the cost of a big butt? Many women want a toned butt but aren’t exactly sure how to get the definition they desire. Some people may attribute their lack of a well-rounded buttock to their genetics, so even with proper nutrition and an effective workout routine, […]

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Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with These Helpful Tips

Posted January 27, 2017

As you begin to settle into the new year, the pressures and time constaints of life may begin to keep you from achieving all the goals you set for yourself, but it’s important to remember to stick to those resolutions. The time to be accountable starts now! If you’re one of the many people who […]

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Great Weight-Loss Tips to Remember for Fall

Posted November 18, 2016

The summer months are a time when everyone does their best to stay fit and healthy so that they can look good in swimsuits. When it ends, most people fall back into old habits and work out less while eating more. Maintaining a great body is a year-round process, and as we get closer to […]

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Gynecomastia New Jersey

Posted October 12, 2016

Gynecomastia is a common condition where excess breast tissue develops in men creating the un-affectionately named “man boobs.” There are any number of factors that may contribute to this condition from an imbalance in hormones, marijuana or anabolic steroid use, to a simple fluctuations in weight. Gynecomastia can make many men feel very self-conscious and […]

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The Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

Posted August 30, 2016

Trends. They come and go, even in plastic surgery. Earlier this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released accumulated data that demonstrates the changes that have occurred in the field of aesthetic medicine since the turn of this new century we are in. Last year alone, 15.9 million cosmetic treatments, including plastic surgeries and […]

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Polish your Beach Body with Cellfina™

Posted August 15, 2016

You’ve scrimped . . . on tasty treats. You’ve crunched . . . literally! And now, you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor; your beach body, that is. But what are those dimples? Isn’t cellulite supposed to fade away along with those extra pounds? Sadly, we hear far too often from women who have put […]

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