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Breast Implant Removal in Short Hills, NJ

Restore and Repair

While breast implants have become a very popular procedure, they are not without certain complications. Capsular contracture or rupture can cause scar tissue and other issues. In some cases, implants may not be causing a physical concern, but you may feel that they are no longer part of your preferred aesthetic. Breast implant removal can restore your breasts to their pre-implant look and feel.

NJ Breast Implant Removal with Dr. Beverly Friedlander

With over 30 years of experience in New Jersey plastic surgery, Dr. Beverly Friedlander has the skill and expertise you need for a safe, comprehensive, and restorative breast implant removal. Focusing on the fine details is important to Dr. Friedlander in both aesthetic quality and surgical skill. Trust that you will be in good hands for your Short Hills, NJ explant surgery.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

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Sometimes, silicone breast implants need to be removed due to complications or changes in patient preference. When this happens, breast implant removal surgery, or explant surgery, can be performed to safely and completely remove the implant. Incisions are usually made in the same place as the original surgery, the implant is removed along with any scar tissue or excess skin, and then the incisions are closed, resulting in restored breasts that typically look similar to pre-implant appearance.

When is Breast Implant Removal necessary?

This procedure could become necessary due to complications with an implant, such as leakage, rupture, or capsular contracture. In some cases, women may feel that the look of implants is no longer their preferred aesthetic, or they may just decide they’re no longer comfortable having a foreign object implanted in their body. No matter the reason, explantation surgery may:

  • Restore pre-implant breast appearance
  • Correct unevenness due to implant issue
  • Relieve symptoms of suspected BII
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Breast Implant Removal Candidates

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Patients who need to remove implants due to complications or those who simply want to return to a smaller cup size are likely good candidates. Those who are generally in good health and who understand the risks and expected outcomes of surgery are good candidates for this procedure.

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Consultation and Preparation

We will take the opportunity at a consultation to get to know you, your health history, and your aesthetic goals. Dr. Friedlander will discuss the options for her New Jersey breast implant removal and create a customized treatment plan. Once we have decided together how to move forward, we will provide detailed information on the procedure and how to prepare.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery & Results

The recovery tends to be easier than the original surgery. Dr. Friedlander will provide you with a prescription for pain medication but, since there is no stretching of the muscle or skin from the implant, there is less discomfort and less need for analgesics.

You will need to wear a sports bra for several weeks to aid in the recovery. There is no strenuous activity permitted for four weeks after the surgery. It is common to have swelling, and if lifts or fat transfers have been performed, you may find areas of irregularity and firmness in the beginning. However, as the healing progresses and the tissue settles, these will gradually improve, resulting in a natural shape.

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Life After Breast Implant Removal

While results will be visible right away, your skin and tissue need time to adjust and may appear deflated for a few weeks. For most patients, recovery takes a few weeks, and by six weeks post-surgery, any tenderness or sensitivity should be gone, and all activities, including exercise, can be resumed. It may take up to six months for the breasts to settle completely and to see your final results.

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bev Friedlander

Why choose Dr. Beverly Friedlander?

Board-certified Short Hills, NJ female plastic surgeon, Dr. Beverly Friedlander understands that a combination of compassion, expertise, and artistry are crucial to providing patients with outstanding outcomes and an overall satisfying treatment. A New Jersey and New York “Top Doc” for over ten years, Dr. Friedlander and her entire team are prepared to assist you from consultation to follow-up with your NJ implant removal experience.

Schedule Your Short Hills, NJ Breast Implant Removal Consultation with Dr. Beverly Friedlander Today

Our knowledgeable staff can help you begin your explant journey today. To take the next step in inquiring about breast implant removal New Jersey residents or guests are encouraged to call us at (973) 912-9120 or message us online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Risks due to breast implant removal are rare but could include bleeding or infection. More severe complications, such as seroma in the implant space or asymmetry, are possible but uncommon.

For most patients, basic activity is permissible shortly after the surgery. It is best to be up and around after the surgery, rather than recovering in bed. You will feel stronger as each day passes. Strenuous activity such as heavy lifting, exercising or even walking on a treadmill is not permitted for 4 weeks. Sensitivity or tenderness could last as long as six weeks and in some, longer.

The breasts are engorged during pregnancy and nursing. Afterwards, they usually shrink back to the size they were before, taking up to six months. So, it is best to wait before proceeding with explantation.

Heightened or lessened nipple sensitivity does sometimes occur after breast surgery, but it is very rarely permanent and usually resolves on its own after three to four months.

The cost of breast implant removal surgery will vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the surgery, anesthesia needs, and the addition of any secondary procedures.

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