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Breast Revision in New Jersey

As the number of women undergoing breast augmentation continues to increase, so does the need to revise a previous breast surgery.

Breast Revision — for the Breasts You Desire, Today!

Board Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Dr. Beverly Friedlander

Over time, our bodies can begin to change due to certain factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and weight loss. Breast revision surgery New Jersey patients can treat imperfections and complications that have developed following an initial breast augmentation resulting in a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Breast Revision Procedure

Beverly Friedlander, MD

Breast revision surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.

During your consultation, Dr. Friedlander will examine the condition of your breasts to determine the best surgical technique for your procedure. For minor to moderate cases, the implant will be gently removed from the affected breast. The new implant is then placed and repositioned inside the breast pocket. However, patients with more severe issues such as capsular contracture will require Dr. Friedlander to remove the affected scar tissue before replacing the implant. A breast lift may need to be performed as well during any revision surgery. Women who choose to have their implants removed entirely will need implant explantation to revert their breasts to their former pre-augmentation size.

Breast Revision Recovery

Following your surgery, you will be asked to wear a surgical bra to protect your new shape. Swelling and bruising will occur but should resolve after several weeks

You may also experience some moderate discomfort after your surgery. Dr. Friedlander will prescribe an analgesic to minimize the pain and help make your recovery as comfortable as possible. You will be asked to avoid all strenuous activities for a minimum of four weeks after surgery or until Dr. Friedlander has cleared you.

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Am I a Candidate for Breast Revision?

Whether you need to replace your implants for medical or cosmetic purposes, Dr. Friedlander’s expertise and experience can help enhance the look and feel of your breasts. Ideal candidates for New Jersey breast revision surgery must be in good health, have realistic expectations, and relate to the following issues below.

Capsular Contracture

As part of the healing process, your body creates a capsule surrounding the implant since it is a foreign object. Unfortunately, in some cases, the capsule contracts undesirably. Capsular contracture is progressive. There are several stages. The later stages may create a painful, tight sensation and pinch the implant, so it looks distorted. Dr. Friedlander can safely perform a capsulectomy during breast revision surgery to correct this issue.

Implant displacement/malposition

Dr. Friedlander can fix breast implant shifting. For example, she may correct it for mild implant displacement by adjusting the implant pocket with sutures. She can also reposition the implant so it is situated where it should have been all along. Dr. Friedlander also offers GalaFLEX, a high-strength mesh material that acts like an internal bra to fix malposition or double bubble issues.


Thin patients or mature patients may have noticeable implant rippling. This is usually evident when the implant has been placed above the muscle or when the patient has selected an implant type/size that is not appropriate for their frame. Dr. Friedlander can help you choose the most compatible implant with your body type and may also suggest under muscle placement. If breast sagging is also present, she can perform auto augmentation (‘natural breast lift’) to lift the breasts and add an extra layer of padding over the implant.

Dissatisfaction with current implants

Breast implants can last ten years or more, but many patients have a change of heart regarding the breast implant size they have chosen. Replacing implants allows you to select a smaller or larger size, as well as a different profile. In addition, Dr. Friedlander offers saline and silicone implants in various shapes, and cohesiveness of the gel. These options might not have been around when you initially had your breast implant surgery. Changing the implant can significantly improve your breasts’ size, shape, and feel.

Excess Skin

As the delicate skin on your breasts stretches and sags with age, your augmented breasts may look different than they used to. Removing the excess skin with a breast lift (with or without implant replacement) can give you the perky bust you desire.

Breast Deflation

Silicone ruptures typically are diagnosed by MRI and are usually accompanied by a high index of suspicion. Generally, a saline ruptures need replacement soon after the rupture occurs, otherwise the pocket contracts making the replacement surgery more challenging. Silicone ruptures are silent, so there is no slow leaking to decrease the perceived size of the breast.

Desire For Explantation

If you choose to have implants and later regret your decision or have suffered from implant-related illness, removing the breast implants makes sense. Dr. Friedlander realizes this is a very personal decision for her patients. However, she can help you determine if breast implant removal without replacement is the right choice.

Breast Asymmetry

Sometimes, implants can make asymmetrical breasts more obvious. Perhaps you had small breasts in the past and didn’t see the natural asymmetry until your breasts increased in size. Implants enlarge the breasts you have; They typically don’t correct pre-existing asymmetry. Although rare, the breasts could appear slightly lopsided if a surgeon did not create uniform pockets for the implants as they dissected during the initial surgery. No matter the reason your breasts are asymmetrical after implants, Dr. Friedlander can bring them back into harmony with a breast revision. In cases of severe asymmetry, she may suggest using different implant sizes in each breast.

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Breast Revision Results

Generally, the results are long-lasting and leave you feeling beautiful and confident about your new breasts. However, significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and other factors can affect your overall results. Be sure to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and schedule frequent visits with Dr. Friedlander so she can monitor how your breasts are healing. Your final results should become apparent after a few months.

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Discover your options for breast revision surgery performed in our accredited surgical facility in Short Hills, New Jersey. Dr. Beverly Friedlander has 25 years of surgical experience and is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you are interested in a breast revision New Jersey area residents or guests who want more information are encouraged to contact our New Jersey practice at (973) 912-9120.

Breast Revision
Frequently Asked Questions

As with most surgical procedures, there may be some risks involved with breast revision surgery. Possible side effects include bleeding, infection, change in skin sensation, poor wound healing, asymmetry, hematoma, and capsular contracture.

Some women may need breast revision surgery to correct medical issues that arise due to improper healing or significant trauma. Others may be unsatisfied with their current implants and desire a larger or smaller size. The need for breast revision may also be related to changes in the tissue caused by weight fluctuations and pregnancy, which can lead to an unflattering and unbalanced figure. Breast revision surgeries can be complex and may involve removing scar tissue, replacing the implant, repositioning the implant, adjusting the pocket, and sometimes adding a construct such as Galaflex to support the implant where the natural support has been lost.

Breast Revision surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, it is best to check with your insurance provider about your coverage options. Payment and financing options are available for your convenience.

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