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Vitals logo RealSelf logo Castle Connolly logo Realself verified doctor logo Guide to America's Top Plastic Surgeons Top Doctor award New Jersey Top Docs Top Doctor 2023 New Jersey Top Docs Top Doctor 2024 Vitals logo RealSelf logo Castle Connolly logo Realself verified doctor logo Guide to America's Top Plastic Surgeons Top Doctor award New Jersey Top Docs Top Doctor 2023 New Jersey Top Docs Top Doctor 2024

Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill, talks to Dr. Friedlander about receiving her Final Emsculpt Neo Treatment

Hand written patient testimonial 1

Dear Doctor Bev, Sat by the pool today, bathing suit and all, for the first time this year. I looked down at my legs at one point and thought, “NOT ..SO..BAD.” for the first time in 30(?) years!. It was a beautiful day!
Thank you – D.S.

Hand written patient testimonial 2

Dearest Dr. Bev, Without sounding redundant, I would like to thank you from the bottom onf my heart for sculpting such a pretty body for me. After having 3 beautiful babies( c-sections) my body took on a personality that was difficult to get used to. Thanks to you and your blessed hands and skills, I now resemble my days of past as a model. I can’t explain my joy without becoming obnoxious, so please understand that I am forever grateful.
Love your (soul) sister, friend. – R.

Hand written patient testimonial 3

I chose Dr. Beverly Friedlander after several month of research, I knew what to expect pre and post operatively. Dr. Friedlander, Debbi, Rubi answered my questions patiently & professionally co it’s a personal touch. I was able to see results immediately. I am ecstatic with my new shape. the body contouring surgery has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Friedlander is truly an artist.
– M.A.

Hand written patient testimonial 4

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very happy I am with the results I have achieved using the Obagi Skin Care Program and the Botox treatments. The improvement in the quality of my skin using Obagi has been remarkable! Since I started using the Obagi Skin Care Program, I get compliments on my “clear,” “glowing” complexion all the time. Something I never enjoyed prior to using Obagi. Remarkably, all the dull sunspots, uneven hyperpigmentation and fine lines that I used to try so desperately to hide under tons of makeup have miraculously vanished. Today, my skin is so healthy and cleat that I don’t even need use foundation anymore. It’s great waking up in the morning and feeling confident and free of not having to hide behinf a mask of makeup. Also, the Botox has erased the tired, angry-looking furrows between my eyes. I truly feel and look years younger. You and your staff are wonderful. Thank you so much for making such a positive and inspiring change in my life.
With much appreciation, – R.

Hand written patient testimonial 5

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I just wanted to take the time to write this brief, but heart felt note to you. Going through a divorce is a very tough time, you feel like a failure and your self-esteem diminishes. However, you made me feel good about myself again. I know that this is something that is internal and that you can’t “make me” feel that way. But, your kind words were nurturing, and your professionalism and excellent care gave me a “lift” in more ways than one. Thank you for making me feel good about me again! Sincerely, – L.F

Hand written patient testimonial 6

Dear Dr. Friedlander, There are no words that can describe my feelings of gratitude to you for the wonderful gift you gave me, through your God-given skill as a surgeon by saving my fingers. You will always be in my prayers & my thoughts for the rest of my time. Thank You! Always, “your friend” – T.M.

Hand written patient testimonial 7

Dear Dr. Friedlander, Thank you for your extraordinary professionalism and attention to detail, and for making this experience such a happy one. For all your fine expert care with all the many months of follow-ups, I am so pleased. And for giving beyond what was expected and removing the broken blood vessel on my nose. I will always highly recommend you! ♥Thanks so much!! With much appreciation, – B.W.

Hand written patient testimonial 8

Dr. Friedlander, Heidi, Lisa and Martha, Thank you for everything! It’s worth every penny and more! – S.M.

Hand written patient testimonial 9

Dear Doc Bev, Just wanted to say thanks, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon! The non-human, – P.O.

Hand written patient testimonial 10

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are truly a talented & compassionate person and doctor. Love, – T.P.

Hand written patient testimonial 11

Dear. Dr. Friedlander, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you have given me during the terrible ordeal of breast cancer. Your medical expertise along with your encouragement and personal warmth have helped to sustain me during this difficult period of my life. thank you so much for caring. Sincerely, – S.W.

Hand written patient testimonial 12

Dear Dr. Bev, Debbite & Elise, Thank you so much for your exemplary customer service and my surgery. I am so thrilled with my results and I think you all are wonderful! Sincerely, – A.P.

Hand written patient testimonial 13

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness, generosity, and great skill (of course)! I could not have put my life or body into the hand of a more caring & talented surgeon! i thank you from the bottom of my heart (& so would my mom if she here here). Fondly, – V.S.P.

Hand written patient testimonial 15

Dear Dr. Friedlander & Staff, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done – Your kind words, surgical skills and artistic talent have made me a new person and I love the “new” me Thanks a million, K.L.

Hand written patient testimonial 16

Doctor Beverly You’ve Done It! It’s great and I appreciate your skill, daring, and kindness more than you can imagine. My sincerest admiration & Thanks, A.D.

Hand written patient testimonial 17

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I thought you might like a picture of me enjoying the seen in Florida. As you can see, my incision doesn’t even show. What a great job you did! Now if only these young guys would stop following me around. I’m getting no peace. See you next week!

Hand written patient testimonial 18

Dearest Dr. Friedlander, Just a note to thank you for your “artistry”. compassion, and most importantly, your intense sense of focus that guided me through this surgical process. It is now up to me to embrace the physical and psychological liberation that I grow more comfortable with each day. Sincerely, P.F.

Hand written patient testimonial 19

Dear Dr. Beverly, Hi, I know our time together is not over I just wanted to take the time to let the both of you know that a “cancer” diagnosis is never a good thing to hear, but there is always something food that comes out of things like this and one of them for me was getting to meet and know you both. Your talent, professionalism and compassion are only a few of the traits you both posses. I feel so very lucky to have you both as the “team” working on me. Getting to know you both has certainly made my world a nice place to be and I sincerely thank you both for that. You are very special people and you should never make light of that. Warmest Regards, K.B.

Hand written patient testimonial 20

Dear Dr. Friedlander and Staff, Thank you so much for the care you gave me. You and Debbie made me feel completely at ease. Debbie is one of a kind! I couldn’t imagine putting my trust and health in anyone else’s hands. Thanks for giving me the confidence that I needed! Best to you all! N.M.

Hand written patient testimonial 22

Dear Dr. Friedlander, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a wonderful surprise to open the mail from your office. I had to read the invoice a few times to understand the magnitude of your generosity. You will always have a special place in my heart and you are appreciated more than you will ever know! Love, L.R.

Hand written patient testimonial 23

Dr. Friedlander- I love it! With much thanks, your #1 fan A.G.

Hand written patient testimonial 24

Dr. Friedlander & Staff, This is a day I have dreamed about for years. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! Extremely glad I put my trust in you! You have provided me with such confidence and a new life!! Thank you! Sincerely, N.J.

Hand written patient testimonial 25

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results of “our” eye surgery. You have a way about you that sets you apart from others – your presition, class and conservative style make for a natural and beautiful result. C and I are so grateful for all you have done for us, inside and out. With deepest admiration & respect, C.P.

Hand written patient testimonial 26

Dear Dr. Friedlander & Staff, This is a long over due thank you from both D and myself to let you know how much we appreciate all that you have done for us both over the past few months and also again for seeing me a couple of weeks ago. You and Debbie are wonderful and have been so helpful with all of our questions and concerns. I am happy with how you have helped me and my requests! I know that I’ve been thinking of an additional procedure and confident I will have the same results… You have my recommendation for anyone I know that is seeking any procedures in the future! Thank you again! D.R.

Hand written patient testimonial 27

Dr. Friedlander, How to thank you for the superb results I’ve gotten from my surgical procedure some years ago and the maintenance fillers since then? I will always be grateful to you for improving the quality of my life. You are a true professional in every way and for this I have the highest respect and affection for you.

Hand written patient testimonial 28

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with my new twins! After looking at so many BAD jobs I was VERY apprehensive to have it done. But after years of debating and ill fitting clothes and guys looking at my friends I decided to do it! Of course poor Debbie had to listen to me reschedule my appointment numerous times and reassure that you WERE THE BEST!! AND YOU WERE THE BEST AND ARE THE BEST! Thank you so very much. I finally look better in my clothes and I have MORE DATES! I wish I did this years ago! J.L.

Hand written patient testimonial 29

Dear Dr. Beverly Friedlander, First and foremost let me star off by saying thank you so much for being so caring and compassionate. You changed my whole outlook on how i feel about myself, not only did you do an awesome job you also paid great attention to detail. I am extremely happy with my Breast Augmentation! They are perfect. Sincerely, C.C.

Hand written patient testimonial 30

Dear Dr. Beverly Friedlander, What can I say there are angels who walk among us everyday. Thank you, you have changed the quality of my life. You have made my life better and given me reason to celebrate everyday. My breast are beautiful. Thank you will never be enough. L.M.

Hand written patient testimonial 31

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I simply cannot express my gratitude enough for all that you have done for me. You made me feel so comfortable before and after surgery and helped me through the rough days after. You are so talented and I am amazed by all that you do. Thank you for making me feel less self conscious and more like a woman. Thank you again! All my best, K.C.

Hand written patient testimonial 32

Dear Dr. Bev Friedlander, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the bottle of Latisse you so generously gifted me and for being such a super skilled surgeon with such a sweet and amazing staff. You guys take such amazing care of me always and I always look forward to my visits to your office and special thanks to Keri for taking the time to help me through my questions. You all rock – Thanks again, Love, L.W.

Hand written patient testimonial 33

Dear Beverly, Can’t begin to thank you for all you have done. You are an amazing and talented doctor. I am so lucky to have found you. Thanks again!

Hand written patient testimonial 34

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I cannot thank you enough for being so kind and patient with my daughter. I feel so comfortable with her surgery because of you. You have a special calmness about you that puts the patient/mother at total ease. Doctors like you are rare and I just wanted to tell you that I am grateful for all you are doing for my daughter. She is my heart. I know she is in the best of hands. Thank you!

Hand written patient testimonial 35

Thank you so very much for making me look good and feel great about myself! X.Z. K.S.

Great results! Alyssa is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough~ I enjoy my visits~ the office staff is friendly, fun, and efficient~ looking forward to my next session~ - Karen Whittington

I have been a patient of Dr Bev for years; her expertise is unrivaled and the results speak for themselves. I’ve had my Botox and fillers maintained by Dr Bev with fabulous results. I had a facelift during the winter of 2022 and the results were perfect. Dr Bev is a very kind and patient physician and will help you achieve your goals. I would recommend her to anyone seeking cosmetic procedures. - Alise Pagano

Dr Bev is the best! She definitely has a magic wand. The only doctor I trust with all my cosmetic procedures, as she is extremely knowledgeable and provided an honest opinion on what I wanted to accomplish. Dr Bev did my breast augmentation and made them bigger, but even, a few years ago. Also, recently she did my tummy, back, inner thighs, knees and arms; The cherry on top, was getting Aveli. My buttock has never looked this good, cellulite free…I couldn’t be happier with all the results!!! Thank you Dr. Bev, for giving me my confidence back!!! - Rosie Bond

After giving birth to twins, I was unhappy with my post pregnancy body. Diet and exercise could only do so much. Dr. Friedlander helped restore my body and my confidence along with it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Friedlander and her courteous, professional staff. - C.B.

Dr. Friedlander is truly the best !!! She is the first Dr. to give me the best results , after trying many I’m extremely happy every time!! She is honest and thorough - Monica Scioscia

After giving birth to twins, I was unhappy with my post pregnancy body. Diet and exercise could only do so much. Dr. Friedlander helped restore my body and my confidence along with it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Friedlander and her courteous, professional staff. - C.B.

I came to Dr Bev with many questions and uncertainties. However, she and her team were extremely patient and informative in helping guide me through my journey and what decision was best for me. The care and attention throughout the process was exceptional. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my explant surgery in every way. I highly recommend Dr Bev and her team - Karianne Anthes

Love this place! Dr Bev is wonderful as is her staff. From facials to peels to Botox I always feel In capable and professional hands. - Sarah Dee

I 've been coming to Dr.Beverly. She’s very knowledgeable about what treatments are great for you skin concerns and they really do an amazing job every time I come in for a treatment. My skin has never looked this good! - Isabel Escobar - Radia

I’ve been coming to Dr Bev’s office for several years now. My procedures are done by Alyssa. Alyssa is absolutely hands down the best Medical Aesthetician I’ve ever been to. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the procedures she is doing she also has a wonderful personality and is extremely down to earth which makes my experience that much better 😊 - Linda Mazzara

Dr Friedlander performed my surgery in the fall of 2022. It was my 1st cosmetic surgery and if needed, would go to her again without hesitation. Before the surgery, her and her team took the time to understand my cosmetic needs and provided a comprehensive surgical plan. Dr Friedlander listen to my concerns about the surgery and clearly explained her approach to ensure great results. After the surgery, Dr Friedlander was present, and I had access to a nurse 24/7. Great care was taken to ensure I feel supported post-surgery. It’s been over 1 year, and I am loving the results. I feel stronger and more confident! If you are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in helping people feel their best, please go see Dr Friedlander. - Marie-Eve Turcotte

Dr. Bev and her staff are wonderful. I was very happy with the services I received. She is very detailed and did amazing filler along with some Botox work. She tailors to the customer’s specific needs and what would be the best enhancements for their face. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable- which lead to an amazing process. Definitely will be a returning client for years. I love the fresh face appearance I maintain:-) - Kate Trezza

Dr. Bev and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and they genuinely care about their patients. From the moment you walk in and are greeted at the front to seeing the doctor is comfortable and welcoming. They take time to discuss concerns and offer practical solutions that actually work. Coming back over and over. - Danielle Venditti

I go to Alyssa for hydra facials and peels every month. She is amazing and very knowledgeable. My skin has never looked better. The entire staff there is amazing as well. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else! - Alexandra Kaplan

Age 38, perimenopausal Hydrafacial with Alyssa is a must! She has taken my hormonal acne sun damaged skin and turned it into a face I'm so proud of. I do not wear make up except for my brows and lashes. Everyone complements my face and how rested I look. I've never had this experience with my appearance. I'm a beautiful human inside and now I feel it on the outside. See Alyssa ASAP, you won't regret it. - Monica Mateo

Age 38, perimenopausal Hydrafacial with Alyssa is a must! She has taken my hormonal acne sun damaged skin and turned it into a face I'm so proud of. I do not wear make up except for my brows and lashes. Everyone complements my face and how rested I look. I've never had this experience with my appearance. I'm a beautiful human inside and now I feel it on the outside. See Alyssa ASAP, you won't regret it. My review is based on a breast lift surgery with no implants. I'm 4'11 and a 34D. I'm 35 years old and have one school aged child. I will give you my experience from initial consultation to post surgery and hope this is useful for making your decision with Dr. Beverly Friedlander. I went to Dr. Bev due to saggy breast, which I've had since adolescents. I knew I wanted the surgery and figured this stage of my life was perfect. I made the initial appointment for a consultation and was greeted by a friendly support staff receptionist. I then met with Dr. Bev and was definitely nervous because this is something I never thought I would really have done. I will say, upon meeting her for the first time I didn't know what to expect, but I knew immediately that she was an expert in her craft. You can tell that her mind is working on a game plan and I appreciated that about her. She told me that she would lift my breast without the need for an implant. She explained my type of breast and what she would do specifically for me. She reviewed my paperwork to make sure I was making a sound judgment and not an impulsive decision. She didn't come into the office with an agenda to sell me on the surgery. She came in with a medical agenda and that's what sold me as a patient. Afterwards, her support staff came in and we talked girl talk + the financials of it all. Courtney is definitely the bright face that alleviates the anxiety. The next day I completed the process by booking my surgery date and putting a down payment on the surgery. My experience only got better as we continued and had additional appointments. My pre-surgery visit was to take pictures of my breast, day of surgery I went in for markings and it was the BIG DAY! The results ladies, I have absolutely amazing BREASTS! I am so happy with the results. The surgery was not as painful as I feared, and I truly did have some fears. But I felt so secure under her care. My breasts never looked like this in my teens! I was prepared to be realistic about my results, but I was really blown away by how great they look. I have flashed my husband, mom and best friends. They all have the same reaction, wide eyed and stunned by how great they look. I am currently healing and Dr. Bev is still seeing me for post care. My size D breast actually fit my petite frame now and I can't wait to enjoy them. I honestly thank Dr. Bev for her brilliance and the office staff for making me feel so comfortable. Ladies, this is a huge decision and a financial obligation that we are making. Don't ever feel pressured or as though any doctor is trying to "sell you a product." Dr. Beverly is trustworthy and she stands by her work. She even called me the night of my surgery to check on me. If you are considering it, go for it. I pray you all have the same results as me and that your confidence soars. This isn't "just about breasts," it's so much more as a woman. - Monica Mateo

Dr. Bev and her team are wonderful! They listen and suggest treatments without pushing. They’re warm and supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Bev - Lisa Mandelblatt

My skin has never been better! Since I started seeing Alyssa my skin has totally transformed. She takes the time to understand your skin concerns and then also addresses things that she notices. Wonderful office and staff. - Megan McGrath

After much research I decided to have my augmentation with Dr. Bev and it turned out to be a wonderful experience all around. I could not be happier with the results! I would recommend her to anyone considering having this procedure done. The staff is amazing as well! Everyone was so helpful and kind. I just wish I did it sooner! - Brina Mascaro

After giving birth to twins, I was unhappy with my post pregnancy body. Diet and exercise could only do so much. Dr. Friedlander helped restore my body and my confidence along with it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Friedlander and her courteous, professional staff. - C.B.

I just want to let you know how happy I am with how my body looks after the breast enhancement surgery. I have so many people ask me about who has done the surgery. Everyone from the office staff to Dr. Friedlander herself were amazing from consultation day to visits after the surgery. Thanks again for making me feel so great about my body! N.A.

Please to tell Dr. Bev that I absolutely LOVE my under eye treatment. Even though I’m still a little swelled and bruised I can definitely see a difference. I will be back soon to do the sides of my nose… Another happy visit!! M.H.

Joan, 61, has had “large breasts” her entire life. (Or at least, since puberty.) “When I was younger, it was great,” she says. “I had a phenomenal figure. They were a solid D cup-high and full… the best accessories I could ask for!” But as Joan got older, they started getting… less great. “By my 50s, I was up to a 34 DDD, and I just didn’t like the way they looked any more.” Although Joan’s weight was the same as ever-“I’ve always worn a size 8”-her breasts seemed too large-and saggy. “I had deep grooves in my shoulders from where my bra straps dug in,” she explains. “And I felt self-conscious.” [Read More]

Hi Deb, tell Dr. Bev that the botox worked PERFECT on my forehead. Got rid of my eyebrow lines, and most of that weird vertical line I had on the one side of my forehead, yet leaving upper forehead movement. Juvederm looks great as well. I had a tiny bit of bruising, but nothing awful. Once again, a happy, happy client!! I will see you guys in about 4 months, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I wanted to take the time to thank you not only for the services you provided me but also to commend the professionalism of your staff. Even before my initial consultation, Debbie patiently and intelligently answered many questions. Her discretion and friendly demeanor made for productive consults and post operative check ups. Making and or changing appointments was always simple-there was never any sig- nificant wait time and phone calls were always answered promptly. Your waiting room and offices were always well organized and pristine. My entire experience from booking appointments to post operative care was incomparable. It is one thing to do the “homework” regarding a procedure, methodology, recovery or surgeon, it is quite another to experience such firsthand. Your ability to focus on my needs and interests combined with your outstanding surgical skills, intelligence, experience and sense of artistry are truly impressive.

Your dedication to your patients is exemplary. I wanted to express my sincere thanks and let others know they were in extraordinary hands should they need your services. Your advice and expertise was totally on the mark. If there was ever a way to gauge the positive impact surgery would have had on me in advance, I would have never delayed for one moment. With Thanksgiving past and other holidays around the bend, I thought about all the things I was fortu- nate to have encountered this past year. You and your staff came to mind. I anticipate future consulta- tions and would recommend your services to those who may inquire. My best regards to you and your staff for a happy and healthy year. Appreciatively, – E.M.

I am 65 years old and had never been overweight in my life, until I delivered my second baby at the age of 35 and came home weighing 170 pounds. Although I joined Weight Watchers and got back to my normal weight of around 130, the fat was still around the stomach area. Strict dieting and exercising didn’t do a thing to change that. I had a mini tummy tuck in 1996, which removed some fat, but my stomach wasn’t as flat as I thought it would be. I continued to exercise and diet for the next 16 years, but the problem wouldn’t go away. As a matter of fact, the stomach area became fatter and gravity took its course during the last few years. Even worse, cellulite formed on my back and hip area. I was so unhappy that I did not want to look at myself in the mirror or go anywhere. When I turned 65, I made my decision to have a full tummy tuck, something I had actually been thinking about for years. Debbie, one of my friends, is a nurse for Dr. Friedlander, so I finally decided to meet her. Even though the doctor said she’d give me a flat stomach and minimize my stretch marks, I couldn’t quite believe it. Nevertheless, I made my decision to go ahead with the full tummy tuck. When

I look in the mirror now, I still can’t believe it’s me. My stomach is flat and I have absolutely no fat in the back or hips. I can wear anything I want. I am so happy! I am continuing to diet and exercise. I have been married for 34 years to a wonderful man. When I walk around in tight-fitting clothes or in a bikini, my husband says: ‘What a great body you have, hon!’ I have not heard that in years. My marriage is more amazing than ever. I feel like I have the body I had when I was 20, before I had children. I get compliments on my body all the time. Dr. Friedlander have me back the life and figure I once had. The pain after surgery was not bad. I was up and around after one week. Dr. Friedlander has a wonderful bedside manner. My fear of this surgery went away the day I met her. Thank you, Dr. Friedlander, for giving me back my life and happiness.

Dear Dr. Friedlander, I met you well over 10 years ago when I was looking for a good cosmetic surgeon. I was looking to get Breast Augmentation and after checking out the background of a few different surgeons I decided to use you. This was the best decision I made. I was so happy with the results I knew I’d come back to you if I needed anything else done. When I decided to get my Tummy Tuck years later, I was very nervous but I knew I could trust you. It’s been a year since I had my tummy tuck and I again I am so happy with the results. I feel so much better about myself and look great in my clothes. The healing was so much quicker than I thought and the results were better than I had imagined. I just wish I had done it sooner. Yours Truly. – M.C.

Thank you so much! Here is a recent picture, can you please show Dr. Bev how great I look and feel now, thanks to her work??

Dear Dr Bev, I can sincerely say that my breast lift/implant surgery was the best decision I have ever made about changing my appearance. Simply saying THANK YOU to Dr Bev is not nearly enough appreciation and gratitude! I researched this surgery for 9 years before choosing Dr Bev. I had a consultation in 2001 with a well known Doctor in Philadelphia which turned me off to going through with the procedure. After many more years of research I finally came upon Dr Bev’s website and was sure she was the right doctor for me. Her patients “after” pictures looked so natural and I didn’t experience this with any other doctor. Dr. Bev’s office is 2 hours from my home but well worth the trip. During my consultation I really was impressed with the Doctor’s approach to the surgery. Dr Bev and Debbie Donovan,(nurse and patient coordinator) made me feel at ease and listened to what I wanted and they delivered! At 47 years old I have never been so confident in my body , buying clothes is now a pleasure and purchasing bras a much more enjoyable experience. I can wear clothes I never could before even in my 20’s. I can say bathing suit shopping is no longer the unpleasant time it used to be for many years since I had my first son in 1995 Well after breast feeding 2 children I can honestly say my breasts look like I never had any let alone look like they belong to a 47 year old woman. My breasts are so natural and soft, no one suspects a “boob job” Thank you so much Dr Bev and staff, you are the best! – T.G.

“A quick note to tell you how happy I am with my Eyelid surgery. The outcome is fantastic. What you do is an art.” -D.F.

“Words cannot describe how happy, self confident, and overwhelmed you have made me. For once in my life, I feel like a normal “woman”. You have been so kind & caring and I cannot thank you enough. You have made me so happy, finally.” – J.K.

“I came across your (web) site while looking up another doctor. In 2001, I had a breast reduction done by you. Every day I think of you, thank you, and send you blessings! I just wanted to let you know how your knowledge, professionalism, and expertise has changed my life for the better! In case no one said it to you today: THANK YOU-YOU’RE WONDERFUL!!” – P.C.

“Thank you very much for your assurance, support and expertise. I consider myself fortunate to have found a doctor who cares for the physical, as well as the emotional side of healing. You did an outstanding job.” – J.S.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will always have a special place in my heart and you are appreciated more than you know!” – L.R.

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of doing a fantastic job. I’m so excited to look at the results” – W.S.

Dear Dr. Beverly Friedlander, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you took the time to speak with me during my sister’s appointment today. I know that you are busy and it should have been a consultation, so I’m grateful for all of your professional advice when I didn’t schedule an appointment to meet with you! My sister told me so many amazing things about how much you have helped her so I really appreciate it! Thank you again! -B.C.

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