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Breast Augmentation Revision

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Posted June 27, 2015

Breast Augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed in Plastic Surgery. As the relative frequency of the procedure has increased so too has the need for revisions. A large part of Dr Friedlander’s practice is focused on breast augmentation, so it follows that she has experience with secondary breast augmentations (revisions) as well.

Before getting into the reasons leading up to the need for a revision, there is a myth that needs to be dispelled. Revisions are not and should not be performed simply because the implants are 10 years old. It is unclear what the origin of this statement is. While it is true that the older an implant gets, the more likely it is to rupture (simply a statistical observation) there is no need to replace an intact implant that a patient is happy with.

Satisfaction or lack thereof is the most common reason for revision. Leakage or rupture is often the cause for a revision. Less commonly, infection and extrusion (what many patients think of as rejection) will require revision surgery.

Leakage, infection and extrusion are self-explanatory and need to be addressed. The need to surgically intervene for other reasons is less clear-cut. Patient satisfaction is very subjective. Many women love their saline implants, others dislike the rippling and or palpability and opt to replace the saline implants with gel implants. The new gels have been on the market for several years now, they are the safe, gummy bear alternative and comprise the most common type of implants used today.

The other reasons for revision are elective. Women generally seek a revision because of a change in the appearance of their breasts. This can occur for many reasons. During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge as they are biologically modified to provide nourishment for the baby. This enlargement is associated with a stretching of the skin that can lead to a loss of elasticity especially with repeated pregnancies or prolonged nursing. Many women wish to restore their breasts to a shape and size consistent with their pre pregnancy figure and may need a lift as well as new implants.

Other reasons are to address positional changes in the implants, such as implant asymmetry (too high or too low), scar tissue (capsular contracture) that has caused the implant to shift or to become hard and visible or simply to replace the implants with bigger (or smaller) ones or to remove them altogether.

Breast Augmentation revisions are demanding. The surgical approach is quite varied depending on the problem. In some, a new pocket is created; in others the existing pocket is modified with sutures or dissection permitting a better implant fit. Implants of different size or shape may be needed. Many patients have had several surgeries over the years and require added support in the form of a dermal sling (Strattice).

It is important to select a surgeon who has experience with this type of surgery to achieve a more optimal result. Our New Jersey breast implant revision experts can help you learn more about this procedure and help you figure out if it's the right step for you. If you are considering secondary breast augmentation, you will want to discuss your options with Dr Friedlander in an in depth personal consultation. She can be reached at (973) 912-9120.

Dr. Friedlander became a plastic surgeon to make a real difference in the lives of her patients. She started her practice in New Jersey three decades ago, and still treats some of her very first patients to this day! Experience the difference that comes from working with a true plastic surgery professional who cares about your results by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Bev.

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