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breast lift new jerseyTime is not our friend. As time passes the effects of gravity and the loss of natural skin tone and elasticity take their toll on our appearance. This is true in all areas of our bodies including the breasts. These factors, in combination with pregnancy and nursing, often wreak havoc, causing a loss of fullness and loss of a youthful appearance.

If you have any of the following, a breast lift may be for you:

  • Breasts that droop, sag, are elongated or pendulous
  • Breasts with a lot of loose skin that look empty or flat
  • Nipples that point downward.
  • Nipples or areola that are located below the natural breast crease
  • Breasts that are drooping and of different size
  • Breast shape and size that has been affected by nursing or child-bearing

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy in New Jersey is intended to improve sagging, drooping breasts caused by pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, heredity and hormonal fluxes (menopause). The skin stretches as a result of these conditions and loses some of its elasticity. A breast lift can restore the breast to a more youthful appearance by adjusting the nipple height and tightening the breast skin and tissue. The areola (pigmented area around the nipple) is frequently reduced in size during a mastopexy. The cup size does not change with uplift alone, but can be increased if the surgery is performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.*

Where are the incisions for a Breast Lift?

BrAugButtonThere are several types of incisions that can be used for a Breast Lift.

  • Periareolar
  • Lollipop
  • Inverted T( Anchor)

Dr Friedlander will review the placement of the incision and her technique during the consultation. She will discuss the variables, including the size and shape of your breasts, the location of the incisions and the condition of your skin. The periareolar incisions are best used for small breasts with minimal sagging. It will not correct moderate sagging or loose skin. The lollipop incision is a good approach for moderate sagging and permits the redistribution of breast tissue to the upper portion of the breast. This is a novel approach that Dr. Friedlander refers to as Auto Augmentation as it helps to restore some of the fullness to the top of the breast. The inverted T approach remains an excellent technique for large amounts of drooping and it offers excellent control to the procedure.

If desired or needed, an implant can be inserted with any of these approaches. If the breast appears to sag, but the position of the breast and nipple are correct, a condition known as pseudoptosis, then only an implant may be necessary. This condition is frequently caused by pregnancy and nursing, or significant weight loss. This distinction can be confusing and will be reviewed by Dr. Friedlander, if necessary.

What if I want fullness but I don’t want an implant?

Dr. Friedlander offers an Auto-Augmentation for women who desire fullness without an implant. Often, a loss of fullness above the nipple and areola occurs with time. The best way to restore this fullness is with an implant. Women who do not want an implant, but who desire fullness, may be candidates for Auto-Augmentation where the breast tissue below the nipple and areola is redistributed to restore some of the superior fullness.

Am I a good candidate for a Breast Lift?

There are many factors which play a role such as age, medical history, weight loss or gain, hormonal status, history of pregnancy and your overall expectations. Dr. Friedlander will consider the natural size, shape, distribution of breast tissue and the amount of droop prior to making any recommendations. She is mindful of all of your concerns such as scars, final shape, desired size and life style issues and will review your options and explain the benefits of each with you.

If you are healthy, have a positive outlook on life and have completed your child bearing, you are a good candidate for surgery.

Breast lift surgery will not affect the size of the breasts. If you are unhappy with the (cup) size of your breast, and desire larger or smaller breasts, then Dr. Friedlander will review other options such as augmentation or reduction in addition to breast lifting alone.

What problems can a Breast Lift address?

A breast lift is considered when the nipple and areola have drifted down below the natural crease. If the nipple resides above the crease regardless of a loss of fullness(sometimes described as pancake breasts) an implant is needed.

A breast lift will address:

  • loose skin which can be seen after weight loss
  • loose skin that can be seen after pregnancy or with hormonal changes
  • sagging which is frequently seen after nursing
  • nipples that point downward
  • asymmetry where one or both sides droop

What are the Risks involved?

All surgeries carry risks. These risks are minimized when selecting an experienced board certified surgeon such as Dr. Friedlander. She will review the specific risks with you after she has examined you.*

Generally speaking, the risks include:*

  • scars (which fade)
  • bleeding
  • infection
  • asymmetry
  • altered sensibility
  • inability to nurse

Where is the breast lift surgery performed?

The surgery is performed as an outpatient.

Recovery Process – How soon after breast lift surgery can I return to normal activities?

Most women feel good the day after surgery, especially after they shower and wash their hair. Everyone is encouraged to use their arms for routine daily activities such as blow drying their hair, and light household activities. It is important to remember that even though you feel good, you can still hinder the healing process by returning to an active lifestyle too soon. There is no strenuous activity or working out for 1 month. Premature return to the gym or even the treadmill can be associated with swelling, or worse, bleeding. Everyone experiences some swelling and light bruising, which disappears in a few weeks. You can return to driving once you are off of all pain medications and you can comfortably turn to the side to look behind you. Most women return to workplace after 1 week although you can work remotely a day or 2 after the surgery.*

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