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Dr. Beverly Friedlander

Emsculpt NEO New Jersey

Non-Invasive Muscle Toning with Simultaneous Fat Reduction

Are you frustrated by areas of your body that don’t respond to diet and exercise? EMSCULPT NEO® can help. This advanced non-surgical procedure can strengthen and tone your muscles and burn unwanted fat, all while you rest and relax.

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EMSCULPT NEO® is a non-invasive device that uses a combination of high-intensity focused electromagnetic frequency (HIFEM) waves and radiofrequency (RF) energy to achieve outstanding results. It is the first and only non-invasive procedure that simultaneously reduces fat and builds muscle.

These treatments strengthen, tone, and firm the abs, glutes, legs, and arms while reducing subcutaneous fat. EMSCULPT NEO® treatments result in an average of 25 percent increase in muscle mass and up to 30 percent reduction of fat in the treated area.

How does EMSCULPT NEO® work?

EMSCULPT NEO® stimulates muscle contractions at intensities not achievable during voluntary workouts. It works by causing involuntary muscle contractions (using HIFEM waves) while RF energy melts away fat. The RF waves heat and destroy targeted fat cells directly under the skin without harming the surrounding tissues.

This treatment takes just 30 minutes and requires no downtime.

Am I a candidate for EMSCULPT NEO®?

Ideal candidates for EMSCULPT NEO® treatments are interested in strengthening and toning specific muscles and eliminating unwanted fat. On average, 60 percent of women and 90 percent of men are interested in muscle toning and/or fat reduction.

EMSCULPT NEO® works for men and women of all sizes, and it can stimulate growth in muscle mass with or without fat reduction.

Can this treatment help me lose weight?

This treatment can be beneficial in patients with higher than average fat content (high BMI) because it can simultaneously remove fat and tone muscles. However, EMSCULPT NEO® is not a weight loss procedure.

Non-surgical body contouring is an addition to, not a substitute for, traditional exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It cannot fully replace diet and exercise as a means to tone muscles and burn fat, but it can help patients improve their appearance and muscle tone after significant weight loss.

What can EMSCULPT NEO® treat?

EMSCULPT NEO® can strengthen muscles and reduce fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise routines. Non-surgical body contouring with EMSCULPT treatment can provide a more shapely butt and toned abdomen, arms, and legs without surgery or injections.

The new EMSCULPT® device comes with two different applicator sizes that emit HIFEM and RF waves simultaneously to target fat and muscles.

The bigger applicator can target larger areas, such as the:

  • Abs (abdomen)
  • Glutes (buttock)
  • Quads (front of the thigh)
  • Hamstrings (back of the thigh)

The smaller applicator can target the:

  • Inner thighs
  • Calves
  • Arms

How many treatment sessions will I need?

We usually recommend four body sculpting treatments in intervals of five to 10 days for maximum improvement.

Are EMSCULPT NEO® treatments painful?

Non-invasive body contouring should not be painful. Muscle contractions may cause minor discomfort as they contract without your conscious control. This usually fades within a few minutes and is not painful.

In rare cases, RF energy may feel warm enough to cause minor discomfort. If this occurs, inform your technician right away so they can adjust the output.

What is the recovery like after EMSCULPT NEO®?

For most patients, there is no meaningful recovery period after treatment. Like most non-invasive body contouring procedures, you can return to all normal activities immediately.

HIFEM energy waves will cause your muscles to contract rapidly, which may cause some minor discomfort after treatment. This is comparable to the soreness you feel following an intensive workout. This soreness should fade within a few hours to a few days. The length of soreness will vary depending on how intense your muscles contractions were and how rapidly you adapt to the new muscle stimuli.

When will I see my results from EMSCULPT NEO®?

It can take up to three months to see your final results. This is because the results of fat reduction continue to improve as your body naturally eliminates the targeted fat cells over the course of a few months.

How long do EMSCULPT NEO® results last?

Once your body eliminates the treated fat cells, they are gone for good; RF treatments reduce fat permanently. However, new fat deposits can grow in other areas if you gain weight. To ensure ideal results, patients should strive to maintain a stable weight after their treatments.

The effects of muscle toning using EMSCULPT NEO® can last for many months. However, like all muscles, they can become weaker if not exercised constantly. Therefore, for best results, patients should maintain an exercise regimen that includes strength training to keep their muscles toned and firm after treatment.

How much does EMSCULPT NEO® cost in New Jersey?

The cost of EMSCULPT NEO® treatments will vary depending on the type of treatment you desire, the size of the area you want to be addressed, and the number of sessions you will need to achieve ideal results.

Dr. Friedlander will ensure you understand the cost of your procedure before it begins.


Yes, this treatment has been rigorously tested and shown to be highly safe and effective.

Can other treatments be combined with this procedure?

EMSCULPT NEO® is non-invasive and, therefore, can easily be combined with other non-surgical procedures. For patients who want more extensive fat reduction, CoolSculpting® is a good option.

If EMSCULPT NEO® and CoolSculpting® do not provide sufficient fat removal, you may require liposuction surgery.

Are you interested in learning more about non-surgical body contouring?

If you are interested in learning more about non-surgical body contouring, please contact our New Jersey office at (973) 524-7124 or fill out our online contact form.

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