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blepharoplasty new jersey | eyelid surgeryWhen we meet someone, we are often drawn to their eyes. Our eyes are central to communication, expressing our emotions non verbally. They are often the first area to show signs of aging and fatigue. Eyelid lifts can improve the appearance of the eyes in a way that looks natural and more youthful.

What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid surgery removes excess skin, tightens the muscle, and removes or re-positions protruding fat, from around the upper and lower eyelids. It can correct droopy upper eyelids that sometimes interfere with your vision and puffy bags below the lower eyelid. The result is a youthful rested look to the eyes and an overall improvement to the appearance of the face*.

What causes eyelids to droop?

Drooping eyelids can be caused by excess skin and fat or they may be a side effect of a low brow position, which requires a Brow lift for complete correction. Non-invasive procedures such as Botox or Ultherapy may be used to provide temporary improvements of the brow and crow’s feet, indirectly improving the appearance of the eyelids. Contact Dr. Friedlander to schedule a consultation and learn which procedure is right for you.

What problems can be corrected with eyelid surgery

  • Excess or sagging skin of the upper eyelid
  • Puffiness in the eyelids that is caused by fat
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Excess skin and fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid

Both men and women can benefit from eyelid surgery. Fine lines such as crow’s feet begin to develop when we are in our 30’s, followed by loose skin and bags in our 40’s and 50’s. Droopy eyelids and bags may be hereditary, stimulating some people to seek correction at a much earlier age.

What to expect during the eyelid procedure

The exact procedure depends on your needs and the condition of the eyelids. Some people need only their upper or lower lids treated. Some may need both. Eyelid surgery can be done alone or in conjunction with other procedures used to restore a fresher, more youthful, appearance. The surgery is performed as an outpatient. When performed alone, it can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Incisions for eyelid surgery are designed to fall within the natural folds of the upper eyelid and just below the lashes of the lower eyelid.

Recovery process

They usually heal exceptionally well and are inconspicuous. The healing for eyelid surgery occurs quickly. The sutures are removed about 5 days after surgery. Your eyes may feel tired or itchy in the beginning, and the generous use of eye drops can be very soothing. It may be 2-3 days before you can comfortably watch TV and typically about 2 weeks before you can comfortably wear contact lenses. You are able to return to work approximately one week after the surgery. Working out and heavy lifting should be restricted for 4 weeks.*

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* = Results may vary

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