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Breasts do not come in one make or model. They may be large, small or in between in size. They may be 2 different sizes. Or they may be different shapes. Regardless, they are normal.

Constricted or tuberous breasts may be all of the above, and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and are often asymmetric. The appearance can range from a small tight breast to a tubular shaped breast which literally hangs off the chest. One breast can be located higher on the chest, making everything look lopsided. They may be categorized as mild, moderate or severe. Frequently, the condition is so mild that it goes undiagnosed. The first time that a patient may hear that her breasts are constricted is when she visits the plastic surgeon’s office for her breast augmentation consultation. Its presence can have a profound effect on self-esteem.

The following has been excerpted from Teen Vogue Oct 2015
“I started noticing that one side was growing and one was staying the same,” recalls Lisa. By the end of high school, one breast was a C-cup and round, and the other was an A-cup and “pointed, like when you start going through puberty.” “I always wore padded bras and I stuffed one side with two chicken cutlets,” says Lisa. “It was really difficult for me and I was always very self-conscious about it. It made me nervous to get dressed up and to wear bathing suits.” She even left her bra on with boyfriends, including the guy who later became her husband. In her late teens and early 20s, Lisa visited a few doctors who told her not to worry about her breasts and to come back “after you have children.” In the meantime, nothing changed and she felt as self-conscious as ever.

What are Tuberous Breasts?

All tuberous or constricted breasts have two things in common. They are vertically deficient, meaning that there is less breast tissue inferiorly, and the inframammary crease begins more laterally, meaning that there is less breast tissue medially creating what appears to be a wide intermammary distance. The cause of this developmental problem is unknown. As its severity increases, the breast tissue is forced centrally beneath the areola creating the tubular appearance and puffy enlarged areola where the breast tissue actually herniates into the areola. The good thing, again, is that most cases of tubular breasts are mild and go undiagnosed.

Characteristics of tuberous/ constricted breasts:

  • Higher than normal breast fold
  • Minimal breast tissue (especially in the lower pole)
  • Enlarged, puffy areola
  • Unusually wide space between the breasts
  • Sagging partially or totally
  • Narrow base at the chest wall
  • Asymmetry
  • There may be difficulty nursing in more severe cases

Breast Augmentation-Constricted/TuberousBreastsWhat is the treatment for Tuberous/Constricted Breasts?

The treatment will vary depending on the severity of the problem. Viewing Dr. Friedlander’s constricted/tuberous breast gallery will assist you in understanding the wide range of issues that need to be addressed. In the mildest form, you may request an augmentation to enhance size, without realizing there is an underlying shape deficiency. In more severe forms, you will also request an improvement of shape and symmetry. Dr. Friedlander will discuss your specific issues- enlarged areola, fold position, location of breast tissue and sagging- and determine which techniques will best address your concerns.

All cases require a delicate balance of breast reshaping and augmentation. Milder cases will need an augmentation and a redistribution of volume with a release of the constricting bands which are interfering with breast expansion. More severe cases require a peri areolar mastopexy with an unfolding of the native breast tissue, a reduction of the areola, release of the constricting bands and augmentation. On occasion, fat grafting may be recommended to further enhance the outcome. Different sized implants often are used to compensate for differences in chest width and breast volume. A tight skin envelope may limit the degree of augmentation possible.

What is the recovery like?

Although this is a more complex procedure, the recovery is the same as for breast augmentation. Dr. Friedlander will ask you to wear a special sports bra to help control the swelling and healing post operatively. You can return to work like activities after 1 week, but strenuous activities and working out are not permitted for 4-6 weeks. There will be an immediate improvement and restoration of self-esteem after the surgery.

Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

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