Selecting Implant Size New Jersey

The most important question in the mind of women anticipating breast enlargement is what they will look like after the surgery. Selecting an implant can be an exciting experience. It is the breast size that is critical to being happy with your final result. At this point,you will have had ample opportunity to review the process in detail and ask any questions. The implant selection is the final step before your surgery.

Dr. Friedlander has sizers that will help you to visualize what your breasts will look like after the surgery. Patients often ask about computer imaging, or bring in photos of this imaging from other offices. Once your photos have been uploaded, the computer generates an image of the breast with implants based on certain calculations and parameters, not on how you want to look or feel. It is often difficult to extrapolate how the enlarged breast in the computer simulation will look in clothing. Dr. Friedlander feels that sizers will provide a better idea as to how you will look and feel after your surgery.

You will be able to try on various implant sizes. Are they too big, too small, too round or just right? By placing the implants in your bra, you will have the opportunity to see how they will look in your clothing and how you feel. More importantly you can see how your new implants will actually look on you, and how they relate to your hips, waist and whole body.

A few things to remember when trying on implants:

  • First and foremost is the concept that implant selection is based on cup size. Implant volumes do not correspond to cup sizes. The cup size that is created by the surgery is dependent not only on the implant, but on how much natural breast tissue is present, the distribution of the tissue (that is the shape of the breast), the dimensions of the chest, the height and weight of the patient etc. It now becomes easier to understand why a given implant cannot create a specific cup size, and why a given implant looks different on different women.
  • Most women want to be proportional after the surgery. Proportion is a perception. It is not a concrete object. For some women, proportion is a B cup, for others it is a full C cup, bordering on a D cup. This problem arises for 2 reasons. First, there is no consistency between bra manufacturers. That is to say, a B cup in a 32 bra has a different cup size than a B cup in a 34 bra, and a 34B bra in one manufacturer will fit differently than a 34B cup by another manufacturer. Secondly, proportion is determined by height weight and body dimensions, and not necessarily cup size. Women who are naturally large and wear a D cup, will look proportioned if their body and frame are balanced. This can all be very confusing. Communicating your concept of proportion to Dr. Friedlander is important during this selection process.
  • You will be asked what your desired cup size is, but this useful as a guide only. If you wish to be large, do not hesitate to say so. Dr. Bev cannot read your mind. Implants are sized by volume and by dimension. As the volume increases, so does the diameter and projection of the implant. Women with a petite frame, or who are very thin, may not be well suited for very large implants. Adjustments in implant dimensions or projection may need to be made to accommodate your chest size or your desired result.
  • The best advice that can be given during the implant selection process is to be open minded. Select an implant that looks good on you, that you are comfortable with, without committing to an arbitrary cup size beforehand. Frequently, the selection can be narrowed down to one or two implants. If you are having a hard time at that point, remember, the implants will look slightly smaller once the surgery has been completed. Also, the difference between implants is typically 25 -30 cc or less than 2 tablespoons. This is barely noticeable and typically results in a slight difference in fullness. Finally, when in doubt, schedule another appointment to try the implants on again.

For more details about selecting an implant size and to find out if you are a candidate for a breast augmentation, please contact us to schedule a consultation or call our office at 973-912-9120. You may also use our online consultation tool provided on this page.

Beverly Friedlander MD