What are Gummy Bear Implants New Jersey

When it comes to breast implants, there are many options to choose from that will enhance the appearance of your breasts. Correct implant type, shape, and level of projection are just a few essential factors to consider as they can have a significant impact on your cosmetic outcome. One option Dr. Beverly Friedlander offers isNatrelle INSPIRA™ “gummy bear” implants from Allergan. These gummy bear implants are highly cohesive, round silicone gel implants that provide patients with more fullness and volume in the breasts.


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You are an excellent candidate for gummy bear implants if you are looking for a soft and natural result from your augmentation. Whether your breasts have always been small, you wish you could return your breasts to their pre-pregnancy appearance, your breasts have changed as a result of gravity or menopause, or you require reconstruction following a mastectomy, gummy bear implants can help you regain your feminine shape and your confidence.

What Are Gummy Bear Implants?

All silicone implants today are “gummy bear”—cohesive gel implants. This is important when selecting your implant. Unlike saline implants or the old-type silicone implants, if gummy bear implants rupture they will maintain their shape. This means that the silicone gel does not migrate, but stays in place. Some gummy bear implants are more firm than others. This is often the case in reconstructions.

Gummy Bear Implant Options

Gummy bear implants come in both a smooth or textured version. A variety of projections and shapes are available. The projection and shape selected will depend on your needs and your aesthetic goals.


  • Round implants: These implants create a natural result, enhancing the breast size by adding volume to the chest. They are placed in a pocket behind the nipple and natural tissue. They conform to the chest, providing fullness to the lower part of the breast, in part due to gravity when standing or sitting. In the reclining position, gravity allows them to mimic the shape of the breast as well. This is the type of implant most commonly used by Dr. Friedlander for breast augmentation surgery.
  • Shaped implant:This type of implant has been manufactured so that its shape is constant, which means it will always have more silicone in the lower part and less silicone in the upper part so that it mimics the shape of the natural breast in the upright position. The shape is less affected by gravity. They are all textured and require a slightly larger incision than the round, smooth implants. The texturing also imparts a slightly firmer feel to the implant. Shaped implants offer a natural appearance to the chest, but they can move and cause asymmetry.


Breast augmentation can help you to look your best and regain your confidence. The implants have different projections or fullness, which Dr. Friedlander takes into consideration when recommending an implant for you.

Low profile implants can provide natural-looking results for women who desire small changes to their breasts. Moderate profile implants, the most commonly used, are excellent choices for most women seeking augmentation. They are suited for a wide variety of breast shapes and sizes and create a very natural look. High profile implants have a narrower base with greater projection, and are best suited for women who are looking for a lot of superior fullness, or an augmented look. Low profile implants are sometimes used in women who are very petite and have narrow chests.


During your breast augmentation procedure, an incision will be made on the breast, and Dr. Friedlander will create a pocket behind the breast, under the muscle. The textured implants, shaped implants, and high profile implants all require larger incisions than needed for the round, smooth implants. Dr. Friedlander uses an innovative device called a Keller Funnel to aid in inserting the implants. The Keller Funnel is a delivery sleeve that reduces the need for larger incisions. More importantly, the Keller Funnel also reduced the capsular contracture rates in some series.

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