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Welcome to True Beauty Med Spa where we take pride in offering the finest products and services that have been personally tested by Dr. Friedlander and her staff.

Skin Care Products

The key to a youthful appearance is maintaining good skin health. The aging process begins the day we are born. In the beginning this constitutes growth, but as we get older the growth slows down and our body’s ability to repair daily damage decreases. Since we are forewarned of this, we can preemptively provide our skin with the products it requires to stave off some of the damaging effects of our environment and the aging process.

Which Skin Care Products are Best for Me?

After a comprehensive skin evaluation and a VISIA analysis, our aestheticians will recommend a precise and effective home care program suited to your specific needs. This program will consist of the finest skin care products specially formulated to provide optimal results. We realize that some products are better than others, so we offer cutting edge products from some of the industry’s leading brands. Dr. Friedlander also realizes that there are some products such as cleansers, toners and moisturizers that have been formulated with the highest of standards and care that are as effective as those offered by the industry leaders at a fraction of the cost. She private labels these products allowing her to offer a full range of effective products to address her client’s needs.

Why do I Need so Many Products?

The skin is an amazing organ, but very needy. When we are young, we need very little- a cleanser and a sunscreen. During adolescence, our skin becomes oily and prone to acne. During our twenties and thirties a simple skin care regimen of cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen is all that most of us need. However pregnancy, hormonal changes and sun exposure change that. Here at True Beauty Med Spa, our highly skilled aestheticians are aware that all skin has different needs and different sensitivities. They are trained to treat these differences. This begins with products that are specially formulated to address the damage that time, Mother Nature and sun have wreaked on all of us. A single product will not suffice.

What Products are Offered at True Beauty Med Spa?

We feature high quality medical grade skincare products that provide results without irritation. They have been personally tested and hand selected by Dr. Friedlander and her staff. We research the latest product developments to ensure that our clients can count on us to feature products they can both trust and adore. We carry the finest products that can correct restore and prevent damage to the skin resulting in the best outcome.

True Beauty Skin Care

Our True Beauty Skin Care line uses natural products such as, botanical extracts which calm skin inflammation, algae peptides derived from Hawaiian Red Sea Extract to boost collagen production and Virgin Coconut oil which helps keep skin moisturized. Even our Salicylic Acid is derived from the bark of the Birch Tree. We have selected a variety of products that should be used by all clients at any age. Our most popular product is our Glycolic Gel Pad 10 minute peel. This product gently removes dead skin buildup creating a luminous glow after only a few daily applications. Our other products include cleansers, toners, moisturizers and acne spot treatments.Click here to find out more


Obagi Skin Care

Obagi Nu-Derm is the #1 prescription-strength skincare on the market and is designed specifically for aging skin. Obagi, when used as a regimen will leave your skin feeling healthier, brighter and more resilient. These products are aimed at exfoliating old, dead, dry layers of skin, correcting and preventing sun damage and pigmentary problems, and finally stimulating new, healthy skin. Dr. Obagi’s program has withstood the test of time, and forms the basis of many “aging” and “sun damaged” skin care recommendations. This program does use Retin A, the strongest retinoid on the market. Retin A is irritating, so this program is customized to your level of tolerance. We will add other products depending on your needs, creating a truly individualized program for each and every client.

SkinCeuticals Skin Care

Skinceuticals is a leading industry brand that makes an award winning anti-oxidant- CE Ferulic (Vitamin C and E + Ferulic blend). Use of CE Ferulic results in visible anti-aging benefits, with the improvement of the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improvement of firmness, and brightening of the skin’s complexion This serum, awarded “Best of Beauty” and “Editor’s Choice” by Allure Magazine, can be added as a compliment to any skin care regimen. Other products we love and use are Phloretin CF– an alternative to CE Ferulic for oily skin, the Phyto Corrective Gel and the Physical Fusion tinted sunscreen.

Revision Skin Care

Revision Skincare is considered to be one of the highest performing skincare lines. Rooted in rigorous clinical research, this formulation will create a positive effect on your skin and the way you feel about yourself in everyday life. Many products such as the Intellishade sunscreen have won Beauty Editor Awards for many years. We love their anti-aging creams and recommend Nectifirm as an adjunct to Ultherapy of the neck to all clients to help maintain their improved appearance.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub and Color

This is a fun group of products that help to create a perfect pout. Before or after your lip enhancement these can be used to exfoliate hydrate and color dry, flakey lips. No more chapped lips. They contain no parabens so they are not drying, and they make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

Jane Iredale Coverup

We also offer Jane Iredale Mineral makeup cover-up. This is a product that will temporarily help to blend and cover-up any resolving bruising or pigmentation after a procedure. Since we are not a day spa, we do not offer makeup, however we can discuss the benefits of certain makeup and review the use of this great product.

True Beauty Med Spa offers a full menu of luxurious aesthetic services. Rejuvenating and relaxing services include clinical facial treatments for every skin type featuring the finest medical grade skin care products. If you wish to make an appointment for your complimentary Skin Care evaluation, please call 973-912-9120 or complete the e-mail consultation request.

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