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RADIESSE® can now be used to improve the aging appearance of the hands.

Fillers are one of the most often performed procedures after Botox. Have you thought of why that may be the case? Fillers offer an immediate result. Rather than looking in the mirror and wishing that things could be different, but feeling that you don’t need surgery, fillers offer a means of improvement performed in the safety of Dr. Friedlander’s office. They help to turn back the clock resulting in an improvement that can be subtle or profound.

What Happens as We Get Older?

As we age, gravity gets the better of us. Gravity, when combined with sun damage and heredity stimulates a gradual descent of the skin, muscle and fat of the face, leading to folds around the mouth (Laugh lines), jowls and marionette lines, and a loss of volume sometimes described as a gaunt appearance in its extreme. Fillers can help to correct this and restore a more youthful appearance.

What is different about Radiesse?

RADIESSE® is different from the other fillers because it offers not only immediate improvement but also long term correction. RADIESSE® consists of microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) which is naturally found in the body. These microspheres are suspended in a gel scaffolding. Like other fillers, it replenishes the volume under the skin for an immediate improvement, but it continues to work by stimulating new natural collagen formation. As the scaffolding is absorbed, it is replaced by your natural collagen. The CaHA is slowly metabolized, with results lasting a year or more in many patients. The product is not animal derived, so there is little risk of an allergic reaction.

What is the Radiesse treatment like?

RADIESSE® contains lidocaine, an anesthetic, which allows for a relatively painless treatment. It can be used to improve deeper folds and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds, and to provide soft tissue augmentation of the cheeks and chin. RADIESSE® is ideal for restoring mid facial volume in patients who do not want, or are not ready for a face lift. The treatment is performed in the comfort of the office. Some people experience swelling. Patients can return to normal activity afterwards.

Results after 2 weeks. Individual results may vary*
Results after 2 weeks. Individual results may vary*

What are the risks of Radiesse?

The risks with all fillers are the same. When used on the face, there may be pain or discomfort during the treatment. There may be bruising or redness afterwards. Swelling or lumps may occur. The application of ice packs may help swelling. Swelling usually disappears within a day or 2 but may last longer. Most people return to work or routine activities afterwards.

Radiesse can be used in the hands. Typically 1 syringe is needed on each side for improvement. The risks of radiesse use in the hands include bruising, swelling, redness, pain, itching, nodules and lumps. The swelling, usually mild, may make use of the hands uncomfortable. Elevating the hands after the treatment helps to reduce this.

Can it be Used in the Hands?

RADIESSE® has a great deal of versatility. It is the first and only FDA approved product to help restore a youthful appearance to the hands and provide smooth, natural looking results by correcting the volume loss that occurs over time. Read more about Hand Rejuvenation..

Both patients are shown 2 weeks after Radiesse treatment to hands

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