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lip augmentation njWe are bombarded with images of beautiful models with full lips. Lip enhancement is a means of creating fuller sexier lips. Many women are looking for a natural appearance with a subtle improvement in shape and lines. The newer hyaluronic acid fillers can provide correction without fullness, which is an important advantage over the “older” lip fillers which provided fullness. Various methods are available, including the use of fillers and fat, the use of grafts and the use of procedures which surgically create a fuller, better proportioned lip.

How does the procedure work?

Fillers such as Juvederm Ultra, Restylane, Restylane Silk, and now Juvederm Volbella can all be used to enhance the appearance of the lip. They all contain Hyaluronic Acids, a sugar naturally found in the body. Fillers such as Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Silk are less dense making them ideally suited for more superficial areas of the lip such as the fine vertical lines sometimes called smokers lines and along the border. They create better lip definition and reduce lipstick bleed. Juvederm Ultra and Restylane are better for volumizing or increasing the size of the lip. Regardless of which filler is used, a natural result can be created. The trend today is natural, with fewer women seeking the “Duck Lip” look.
The fillers are pre mixed with a local anesthetic, lidocaine, which numbs the lip as the injections are being given. Dr. Friedlander uses fine needles to gently inject the filler allowing for a more comfortable experience. The results are seen immediately

Lip Augmentation Procedure

*Results May Vary

What are the risks of Lip Fillers?

The most common side effects are swelling and tenderness. Swelling is variable and usually mild in nature. The use of ice packs afterwards will help to reduce the appearance of swelling. Other side effects include bruising and firmness which disappear relatively quickly. You can return to normal activities shortly after the procedure.

How Long do they Last?

Ideally lip fillers last about 6-9 months, with improvements in lip lines lasting up to one year. Practically speaking though, the improvement in volume may last as few as several weeks. This is thought to be associated with the constant muscle activity of the lip. There is quite a bit of variation in longevity.

Are there Other Options for Lip Enhancement?

If greater enhancement is desired, the volume of the lip can be improved with fat which will create a more substantial improvement. Alternatives to this include the use of grafts and the use of surgical “flap” procedures. Flaps are particularly well suited for women who have a very long upper lip. This procedure exposes a little more of the vermillion while reducing the height of the upper lip creating improved proportion and fullness. This procedure can be performed in the office, but is more commonly performed simultaneously with other rejuvenation procedures.

The lips can appear naturally enhanced when any technique is applied properly.

All of these treatments can be done in the comfort of the office.

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