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Dr. Beverly Friedlander

IDEAL IMPLANT®: Structured Saline Implants

Most women who seek breast augmentation desire the natural look and feel that silicone gel implants can provide; however, the risk of silent rupture and higher capsular contracture rates with silicone gel implants make some patients hesitant to choose them over saline. Fortunately, the FDA-approved IDEAL IMPLANT® offers the feel of silicone gel implants with the safety and convenience of saline implants.

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What makes the IDEAL IMPLANT® superior?

The IDEAL IMPLANT® is a multi-chambered structure that encases a sterile saline solution. The durable exterior accurately mimics natural breast tissue. The implant is round, smooth-surfaced, and offered in only one shape and projection to reduce some of the uncertainty of sizing. Traditional saline implants tend to ripple and feel less realistic than silicone gel implants, making them unappealing for some patients. The IDEAL IMPLANT® provides women with the pleasing look and feel of silicone gel without the risks, making them the superior choice for breast augmentation.

What are the advantages of the IDEAL IMPLANT®?

  • Feels natural
  • Maintains its shape
  • Lower risk of capsular contracture than silicone implants
  • Smaller incision required than with silicone implants
  • Lower risk of rupture than silicone implants

What are the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT® in case of rupture?

  • The saline material can be safely absorbed by the body
  • No silent ruptures or MRI needed to check for ruptures; implant integrity can be checked by merely looking in a mirror

What is the ideal placement for the IDEAL IMPLANT®?

The IDEAL IMPLANT® is filled with saline solution during your breast augmentation procedure. A small incision will be made along the breasts depending on your predetermined surgical plan. The implants will then be placed behind the muscle and adjusted to the appropriate size to accommodate your figure.

Am I a candidate for the IDEAL IMPLANT®?

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation using the IDEAL IMPLANT® must be 18 years of age or older and in good physical health. Patients must also have realistic expectations and should be non-smokers. Those experiencing an active infection, a malignant condition, or pregnancy will need to postpone their surgery until their medical condition has resolved.

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To learn more about the IDEAL IMPLANT® and see if it might be the right choice for you, please call (973) 524-7124 for more information or to schedule your individual consultation with Dr. Friedlander.


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