As we age, many of us become more concerned about developing the dreaded double chin. A double chin occurs when the skin around the neck sags and wrinkles. It can make you look older and overweight. Unlike other areas of the body that are prone to sagging, it is difficult to cover up and may be a source of insecurity and embarrassment.

What Are the Causes of a Double Chin?

Using Your Cell Phone

Studies have shown that excessive use of cell phones can lead to the development of a double chin. By keeping our heads bent down for long periods of time looking at our phones and tablets, we cause our neck muscles to shorten, resulting in an increased pull on the skin. You can ease the effects of looking down at your phone by allocating time away from your device to give your neck some time off.

Excess Body Weight

If you don’t keep a close eye on your dietary habits, you will begin to develop excess body fat that leads to the formation of a double chin. Foods that will accelerate the development of excess body fat are high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar. These foods include fatty meats, butter, cheese, and chips.


Some people are born more genetically inclined to develop a double chin even if they do not have excess body fat. If you eat healthy and commit to a physical fitness routine but have family members who have double chins despite having a slim body frame, you may develop a double chin as well.


The aging process causes the muscles to lose definition and the skin to become thinner and less elastic. The reduced definition and elasticity creates the sagging appearance that leads to a double chin.

Eliminate Your Double Chin Safely

Knowing the causes of your double chin can help you formulate a way to get rid of it safely. If you’re feeling stressed about having a double chin, you may be able to get rid of it by eliminating excess body fat by eating healthier and by working out regularly. If, however, you don’t see any changes, it may be due to genetics and age. If this is the case, non invasive procedures such as coolsculpting or kybella can help. Alternatively Ultherapy may be a good option if you have a lot of loose skin. Finally, in some cases, liposuction or even a neck lift are needed to address your double chin.

If having a double chin has you feeling unhappy and insecure, contact Dr. Beverly Friedlander to schedule a consultation by calling 973-912-9120. During your consultation, she will assess your body as a whole and determine the cause of your double chin. If your needs call for it, she will construct a plan of action to help you eliminate your double chin for good.