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Dr. Beverly Friedlander

Dr Bev Gives Back

Empowerment-Free the Girls

Like most women, do you have a bunch of beautiful bras that no longer fit? Are they stuffed into the back of a drawer? What are you saving them for? Did you know that you could donate them toward a good cause? What if it cost you absolutely nothing and you were helping women less fortunate than yourself?

Free the Girls

Why should I donate new and gently used bras to FTG?

Dr. Bev has partnered with Free the Girls, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has found a use for your new and gently used bras that you no longer want. Free the Girls (FTG) works to empower women who have been rescued from sex trafficking in developing countries. Food and shelter are not enough. By providing economic opportunities these women can be rehabilitated to lead normal lives. FTG does not offer survivors of human trafficking a job, it empowers them to become productive, to become part of a community, by giving them a livelihood.

But why bras?

The 2nd hand clothing market in these countries is a thriving business. Bras are a desirable item commanding top dollar in that marketplace. They also provide an opportunity for these women to work with and support others like themselves who have been enslaved, and only known a life of prostitution. By setting up a micro enterprise selling bras, these women can integrate back into a productive society. They are given a small inventory of bras initially, and then once sold they pay a small amount with their earnings to purchase additional bras to sell helping to sustain FTG and creating an opportunity for additional survivors.

What can I donate?

Dr. Bev offers a donation site for your new and gently used bras. FTG accepts any color, make, model and size. Please consider donating your regular bras, sports bras, nursing bras and camisoles that you no longer use to provide an opportunity for women less fortunate than yourselves. Dr. Bev will ship the bras to the Collection Center for sorting and final transport developing countries.

Empowerment! Not just surviving, but thriving.

Trafficking effects an estimated 30-35 million people world wide. Most of the women were sold into prostitution as children. FTG gives them a skill and a livelihood. They can go to school, provide for and educate their children and even buy a house. They can once again be free of adversity, danger, destruction and slavery.

If we had the ability to help others less fortunate than ourselves would we? What if it cost nothing to do so? We are a fortunate society largely protected from the horrific realities that besiege much of the world. Please follow the links if you are interested in learning more about Free the Girls or about the CNN Freedom Project-Ending Modern Day Slavery.


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