Our Practice Philosophy

drfriedlander3It is a privilege to welcome you to my plastic surgery practice in Short Hills, New Jersey. As a woman, I am able to understand the physical and emotional changes that have occurred bringing you to this crossroad in your life. Your decision to undergo plastic surgery is very personal.

Appearance is the first way we communicate with those around us. Wouldn’t we be able to accomplish more with a fresh perspective and a more youthful feel, rather than a tired, angry appearance? Wouldn’t it be easier to succeed at work and at home if we felt good about ourselves rather than hohum or downright unhappy? It is not self centered or vain to want to exude a youthful, sexy and self confident attitude. This positive self image is healthy and effects our interactions with those around us. Plastic Surgery can be one small piece of the puzzle which empowers us to become and maintain ourselves the best we can.

Typically, there are a variety of procedures which differ in cost, risk, downtime, and outcome which can be used to achieve your desired result. All of these options can be very confusing, so I make it a point to explore them with you as thoroughly as possible so that you can make an informed decision. Your consultation is never rushed. Using my aesthetic sense in conjunction with years of experience and attention to detail I am able to obtain natural results that often exceed your expectations. I strive to create a natural, un-operated look, the “look” that keeps those people around you wondering how you are able to look so good, not the “look” that can be spotted a mile away. Our relationship does not end once you have recovered from your surgery. Our door is always open, and follow-up visits, for any reason, are always complimentary. Many of my patients have returned to see me throughout the years, and referred their friends, siblings, parents and children to me.

Overview of Practice

Beverly Friedlander MD