Breast Revision Surgery New Jersey

Breast revision new jerseyOur bodies change. Our needs change. The choice to undergo breast augmentation is very personal. Similarly, the request for a revision is personal. Maybe our bundles of joy have sucked the life out of us. Or maybe we have finally found the time to take care of ourselves and eat healthy and go to the gym creating the body we have always wanted. Regardless of the reason, just like our bodies change, the implant appearance changes with it.

As the numbers of women with breast implants increases, we find that there is an increasing need to revise previous surgeries. This can be a complex intervention because the anatomy may have been distorted by the initial procedure, the tissues may have thinned or stretched and the original records including implant size may not be available.

Reasons for Revision Surgery:

  • Capsular Contracture (scar tissue)
  • Implant Displacement/ Malposition
  • Rippling/Visibility
  • Desire to Change Size
  • Stretching of the Skin due to Weight Loss or Pregnancy/Nursing
  • Deflation (technically a replacement not a revision)
  • Desire for Explantation

The treatment is determined by the problem, and there are instances where a recommendation is made not to proceed with surgical intervention, or even to proceed with explantation(removal of the implants). The most common need for revision is capsular contracture where scar tissue forms around the implant, sometimes displacing it, causing distortion and pain. Once capsular contracture occurs, it is more likely to reoccur. Implant malposition, bottoming out, and droopiness are other reasons for revision. Issues related to saline implants such as rippling and visibility, can be particularly distressing when seen near the breast bone or when leaning over and are often the stimulus for revision. Some women are desirous of larger or smaller implants, and some choose to have both implants replaced at the time correction of a deflation is performed. The need for a revision may also be related to changes in the tissue caused by weight fluctuations and pregnancy. The surgeries are complex, and may involve removing scar tissue, replacing the implant, repositioning the implant, adjusting the pocket and sometimes adding tissue to support the implant where the natural support has been lost.

Some revisions are inevitable. Some can be prevented by preoperative discussion and planning. To learn more about breast revision, please read our blog post on the topic.

If you feel you are in need of a revision surgery, you may discuss your individual needs during a confidential consultation with Dr. Friedlander by completing our contact us form on the upper right or call our office at 973-912-9120. You may also use our live chat for more immediate attention.

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