IDEAL Saline Implants New Jersey

After years of having only 2 types of implants, silicone and saline, we now have a 3rd option which marries the advantages of both. The Ideal saline implant has the look of saline with the feel of silicone. It has a revolutionary new design that eliminates the “water balloon” look and feel of saline and creates the softer more natural feel of silicone. The ideal implant is called a “structured” implant because of its innovative design. What’s important is that this design reduces the common complaints heard with saline implants of folding and wrinkling which contribute to implant failure(deflation).

Why choose the IDEAL implant?

  • Its filled with saline – saline is safely absorbed if the implant ruptures
  • Peace of mind since rupture can be detected by simply looking in the mirror
  • Lower rupture rate than other implants- related to unique design
  • Youthful shape and natural feel

What are the advantages of the IDEAL Saline implant?

The one big advantage of the IDEAL implant is that it is filled with saline. For this reason, it offers peace of mind for many women. Rupture or deflation is a real possibility with any implant. While rupture rates are low, there is comfort in knowing that saline is a natural liquid easily absorbed by the body in case of rupture. Silicone implants can leak, but because of the “gummy” nature of the silicone, these leakages are silent and can be detected on MRI. With saline implants, you can simply look in the mirror and know your implants are intact.

The IDEAL implant requires a small incision. The implant is inflated at the time of surgery allowing for minor adjustments in size to correct natural asymmetries that are present. The implant is round, smooth surfaced and comes in only one shape and projection reducing some of the uncertainty of sizing. It maintains its shape as can be seen when the implant rests on the chest -the red platform below represents the natural curvature of the chest:

The saline implants collapse as there is no internal stability, resulting in rippling- seen around the edge.
The silicone implants are soft because of the cohesive gel and mimic the natural shape and feel of the breast.
The Ideal implant maintains its shape because of the “structured” inner and outer chambers (see Design section below) leading to a more natural feel.

What is innovative about the design?

It is the unique design that confers the youthful shape and natural feel to the Ideal implant. The implant has a double lumen. An inner and outer chamber is not a new concept, but the design is. The outer chamber is what creates the more natural characteristics of the implant. It consists of one to three shells nested together depending on the volume (size) of the implant. These shells are baffled, controlling the movement of the saline within the outer chamber. This helps to support the implant edges preventing the collapse (wrinkling and rippling) seen in the original saline implants, and provides structure creating a softer less bouncy feel, mimicking the feel of silicone.

Both chambers are filled at the time of surgery. The volume of the inner chamber is fixed. The volume of the outer chamber is variable depending on the needs of the patient.

Is there a warrantee?

The manufacturer stands behind the implant. Lifetime replacement of the implant is offered for rupture. Financial assistance toward surgery to replace the ruptured implant or to address capsular contracture (for Baker class C or D) for the first 10 years is also offered.

Who is a candidate for the IDEAL implant?

The choice to undergo saline verses silicone breast augmentation is a personal one. Any woman over the age of 18 is a candidate for breast augmentation with the IDEAL implant. Contraindications to surgery would include pregnancy and/or nursing, active infection anywhere in the body at the time of surgery and any malignant or pre-malignant condition requiring treatment.

Beverly Friedlander MD