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CoolSculpting New Jersey | Non-Surgical Fat Reduction NJ

Cool sculpting is a revolutionary new treatment that removes unwanted fat without surgery or downtime. It contours those stubborn bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise by “freezing the fat”. The fat that doesn’t survive the process is then naturally removed and excreted gradually improving your appearance. You can do anything you want while the body is recovering from the treatment and removing your unwanted fat. No one ever has to know your secret.


What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new treatment that removes unwanted fat without surgery. It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive in office treatment with no downtime. CoolSculpting, through a process known as cryolipolysis is able to rid the body of excess fat. It is the brain child of 2 Harvard scientists who based their work on the observation that repeated focal exposure to cold led to isolated fat loss without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. Scientists were able to patent that process resulting in the birth of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting selectively targets the fat cell reducing their temperature. Fat is unique in that the contents of the cell crystallize at lower temperatures. Once crystallized, they shrivel up and die. The body will then remove the debris naturally and excrete it beginning a few days after the procedure. It can take up to 3 months to clear the debris resulting in a reduction in the thickness of your fat*. During this time, there is nothing that you need to do other than lead a healthy lifestyle. That means eat a healthy diet and remain active. Your body will do the rest.

Get CoolSculpting in half the time!

Coolsculpting just got cooler! The new CoolAdvantage applicator incorporates a revolutionary change in the design of the applicator which allows a shorter treatment time and greater comfort. This change in the design of the applicator cup has increased the cooling surface area allowing for a faster temperature reduction and greater comfort since less suction is needed. This also allows for a reduction in bruising after the treatment.

What areas can be treated with CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting will target fat anywhere. It is FDA approved for those areas that we hate the most- the tummy, The hips-both the female muffin top and the male love handle and the outer and inner thighs, and yes, it can be used on men and women alike. As long as we can pinch fat, we can remove it with this procedure. CoolSculpting has also been FDA approved for treatment of the “turkey neck.”

CoolSculpting NJ | Non-Surgical Fat Reduction New Jersey

*Results May Vary

How does CoolSculpting work?

Tummy Tuck New Jersey Before & After GalleryMuch as the name implies, coolsculpting allows us to sculpt the tissue by cooling it. The applicator needs to fit snuggly over the area being treated. Since some areas are larger than others, it may take more than one applicator to treat and sculpt the fat. Sometimes all of this can be done in one day. We like to think that we not only treat the fat but that we transform the area. This means that we need to assess the contribution of the fat in one area to the surrounding areas. As an analogy, consider a tall hill. If we remove the soil only under the center of the hill we will create a valley. If we remove the soil in the center and then taper the soil removal on the sides we can flatten the hill and create level ground. The same is true of cool sculpt. Our team will assess the location and extent of the fat and determine what areas need to be treated to provide the greatest improvement.

What can I expect after the procedure?

The good news is there is no down time. You can drop your kids off in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon and have your treatment in between. There are no restrictions or limitations. Some people experience redness or mid swelling and occasionally bruising, but these are all mild in nature and resolve spontaneously in a day or two. Many people complain of tingling and discomfort during the procedure as the tissue is “sucked up” in to the applicator and cooled. This is best compared to your foot falling asleep and then waking up. There may be some numbness in the treatment area which resolves in a few weeks. This short term discomfort will ultimately lead to long term improvement and satisfaction.*

Does the fat come back?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical means of fat reduction. Each application removes about 20% of the fat in a region*. The body has a fixed number of fat cells. If you gain weight after the procedure, the extra fat needs to be stored as fat in other fat cells. So it is important to eat healthy and remain active.

*Results May Vary

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