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Bridal Makeover

You’ve said Yes!!…now what?

There’s no doubt that you want everything to be picture perfect, but where do you begin? There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding, whether small and intimate or large and extravagant. Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her most special wedding day, and this takes planning too. Dr. Friedlander and her exceptional medical aestheticians are seeing more women who are interested in cosmetic enhancements prior to the big day. Whether you are looking to give your skin a glow, smooth your wrinkles, plump your pout or contour your curves, there are procedures that are right for you.

What is a bridal makeover?

Looking picture perfect and radiant on you wedding day is not negotiable. It’s a given. Brides to be are determined to look their best for their big day, so they are factoring in procedures and treatments to their budgets. They realize that hair, makeup, losing a few pounds or ramping up a work out is not always enough. A bridal makeover takes this into consideration. Planning a wedding may be overwhelming, but regardless of whether you have several weeks or several months before the big date there are procedures that may help you to be radiant for your big day and bring you satisfaction for years to come.

Each and every bride has a different wish list. Many bridal countdowns are focused on the face and hair, but some forget the body. What bride doesn’t want her dress to fit like a glove, with curves where they are supposed to be? No matter what aspect of your shape you are dissatisfied with, there is a procedure that can be performed in the months leading up to your wedding that will help you to look picture perfect, from all angles.

Dr. Friedlander and her attentive staff have been helping brides (and their moms) to look their best for over 25 years. She realizes that when brides hear “cosmetic enhancement” they think surgery and that they don’t have the time. While surgeries such as breast augmentation, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift for brides to be, and facial surgery or eyelid lifts for 2nd go rounds, late bloomers and mothers of the bride, do require time to plan and heal before the wedding, there are other non invasive enhancements which require little or no downtime. With the right planning, we can make coolsculpting , lasers or fillers and botox happen. Even the busiest of brides can usually fit these in. Our spa services include clinical facials, microneedling and peels, a must before the big day.

A bridal makeover refers to any procedure performed on the bride to help her to look her best on her special day. Each bride is unique, so all of our services and recommendations are customized. Some of our more popular procedures requested by brides and when they should be performed are listed on our Bridal Beauty Countdown page.

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