Plastic Surgery After Major Weight Loss New Jersey

Weight Loss
You deserve to look your best after all the effort you’ve put into losing those unwanted pounds.

You should be congratulated on your accomplishment. Wether you have lost 20 lbs or 120 lbs, by diet or by bariatric surgery, it has been a struggle,with ups and downs along the way. You feel better, you are more energetic, you are healthier, often times leaving your high blood pressure or diabetes behind with all the weight. Initially the prospect of shopping was exciting but the extra skin after weight loss poses certain challenges. Excess rolls of loose skin are unsightly- may interfere with physical activities, causing chafing, and yeast infections and it may make you self conscious about the way you look. Exercise is an excellent way to burn calories and improve muscle tone but it has no effect on loose, hanging skin. Plastic surgery gives you the opportunity to remove all the excess skin that is left behind after weight loss and feel better about yourself. After all isn’t that why you lost the weight in first place.?

Types of Procedures

Weight loss effects the entire body, not just one area. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss is a combination of surgical procedures aimed at removing the loose skin and enhancing your body’s shape and proportion. Each case is unique in its distribution of loose skin. This dictates the selection of procedures and the location of the incisions. Every attempt is made to hide incisions in natural skin folds and beneath clothing.

  • Upper Body Lift
  • Lower Body Lift

Upper body lifts generally are related to loss of breast volume and sagging chest skin. The treatment generally involves a breast lift with or without an implant to create a more youthful appearance. This is often a standalone procedure but here it can be combined with an arm lift or even a bra roll lift depending on the distribution of tissue. In men a breast reduction is performed to remove the loose skin.

Lower body lifts will improve the abdomen, buttocks, pubic region and outer thighs all at the same time. It is an extensive procedure involving a tummy tuck incision that continues onto the back. This permits a 3-dimensional recontouring with a tightening of the underlying muscle and a resuspension of the fascia achieving the best results. The addition of an inner thigh lift will help tighten the loose skin between the legs.*

The ideal candidates have reached and maintained a stable weight for several months. These surgeries can be lengthy and are staged for safety. They are performed a few months apart. Other procedures performed at the same time may include breast lift with or without an augmentation, arm lift, liposuction, thigh lift. buttock lift. tummy tuck, or even face lift.

Adjunctive Procedures

You will have ample opportunity to discuss your surgical goals with Dr Friedlander during your consultation. After she has examined you, she will be able to recommend the best procedures for you. She and her staff will review the surgery in great detail. Recovery times vary greatly, depending on the procedures performed, but generally require 1-3 weeks out of work and 4-6 weeks restriction from strenuous activities.*

For more details and to find out which procedures you are a candidate for, please contact us to schedule a consultation or call our office at 973-912-9120. You may also use our online consultation tool provided on this page.

You deserve to look your best after all the effort you’ve put into losing those unwanted pounds.

* = Results may vary

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